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Definition of testing terms

Acceptance Test Formal tests (often performed by a customer) to determine whether or not a system has satisfied predetermined acceptance criteria. These tests are often used to enable the customer (either internal or external) to determine whether or not to accept a system.

Ad Hoc Testing Testing carried out […]

Software testing best practices

The objective of testing is to ensure a higher quality for the software product. The better organized the testing is, the more the likelihood that the final product will have fewer defects and better quality. But it is not an easy task to determine how effective the testing is. One way to do that is […]

What is the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

What is the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)?

CMM is a framework set by SEI, which provides a general roadmap for process improvement. Software Process Capability describes the range of expected results that can be achieved by following the process. The process capability of an organization determines what can be expected from the organization in terms […]

Software quality factors

You might have heard the term ‘Software Quality Factors’ before, or maybe you have not heard it before. So, what is it ?

Quality factors are the factors which affect the quality of the software. Quality of a software product has three dimensions; each dimension deals with a set of quality factors:

· Product Operation