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Need for software testing

When we talk about software testing, the testing phase of software development is one of the most critical items and is also one of the most discussed phases – the amount of discussion and literature dealing with testing makes this a major science. This post is a quick summary of what testing means and the need for such testing.
When you look at the field of software development, the definition of software development in a nutshell is: Making software based on a set of requirements (in the case of shrink-wrapped software, these could be generic requirements; in the other case of software projects the work is done based on client requirements) through a sequence of phases that follow a specific order (although the methodology followed could be different such as Waterfall Development, Agile methods, Iterative development, etc).
As a part of these phases, one of the most critical phases / activities is that of software testing. The primary purpose of software testing is to ensure that the software that is being developed is in line with the requirements and specifications, and any deviations from these are captured in order to be rectified. Further, the inputs from the testing process can highlight whether there are specific regions of the software have greater errors than other parts of the software, or whether there were flaws during the design process or during the actual development process. Evaluating these errors helps the development team to do detailed analysis, which in turn ensures that they can avoid such errors in the future.
It is also important to keep in mind that no amount of testing can find all the defects in a software; in fact, as you find more defects, there comes a point where it takes an increasing amount of effort to find all the defects that are there in the system. It is for the organization and the team to take a call to determine whether the amount of defects that have been found and rectified have made the software defect free to a level that they are comfortable with.
As a part of testing, there are many processes and steps that can be taken to make the process much more effective, such as doing a detailed planning and preparation in the form of a software test plan and test cases to cover all the areas of the software application. In addition, processes such as automation can ensure that regular testing processes that need to be done on a continuous basis can be done automatically to ensure that the testing team can avoid spending their effort on such tasks and concentrate on tasks which need manual effort.

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