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Software test plan – process

This post gives a quick summary of the the types of testing that the preparation of a software test plan can be meant for. The test plan is a basic template that captures information about many different types of test projects, and the information that is captured include the following:

– Background about the project
– The schedule and timeline of the project
– The resources that are available for the testing of the project during the duration of the project, and would include the decrease of increase of resources as the project proceeds
– Any assumptions that are made about the quality in the project
– The criteria used for entry and exit
– The various milestones of the testing activites
– The types of testing to be performed, mapping these with project and testing milestones if required
– The metrics of the testing processs
– Locations of the Use cases and the Test cases that are being developed in the project

From the above, it can be seen that the test plan captures a great deal of the environment in which the testing occurs, it captures the activities that are going to happen as a part of the testing process, captures the information required to establish whether the testing has concluded and has been a success. In short, when we consider the testing life cycle, the test plan is an integral part of defining what the testing life cycle looks like. In many process oriented certifications such as ISO, the test plan is a key document which captures the details of the testing process and needs a detailed review to ensure that it is accurate and comprehensive.
The other advantages of having all these mapped into the test plan is to provide continuity. When all these details have been captured, even if team members leave and new ones join, they are quickly able to pick up initial details and learn a great deal about the project and the testing activities that have been planned as part of the project.

With all this, in what all cases can we use a software test plan ?
The software test plan can be prepared in the case of different types of testing such as assembly testing, further detailed sub-assembly testing, module testing, system testing, user acceptance testing and various other testing types.

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