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Advantages of Extreme Programming

Using Extreme Programming, especially for small teams has been found to well recommended. Here are some of the benefits that XP is supposed to carry with it:

– XP delivers clean designs and high quality software on a realistic schedule.
– XP teams have a laser-like focus on testing. Each line of code is tested thoroughly, and all code is reviewed thus ensuring a High Level of Quality
-XP helps achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction, due to the way that every customer required is captured as a story (plain English, and can be tested). The details of the story are passed from the customer to the rest of the team in face-to-face conversations and via automated acceptance tests.
– XP encourages a high degree of teamwork, getting the entire team (including the customer) to work together in a room. Programmers work in pairs, with each pair sharing a monitor and keyboard. The whole team collectively owns the code.
– Delivers a schedule that is believable. This is achieved by a process whereby the customers get simple stories from the customers, and prepare estimates for these. The estimates for these stories are based on the simplest story, and the customer selects the stories for the first iteration.
– Design is simple. In XP, you do not design for something in the future, you design for today. The idea is to get the simplest code possible, and not to plan for some future needs that may or may not happen.
– Comprehensive test cases are generated as part of XP. Code is written such that it is suitable for test cases.
– Being able to add/modify features. Given that XP works on an iterative approach, it is much easier to be able to add features or modify these features based on reviews.
– The whole development process is visible and accountable. It is very easy to measure as to whether what has been achieved is as per the schedule
– Team is less stress. With traditional waterfall, as you near the end schedules, you are able to more accurately measure consistency in the schedule, and any delays put a major amount of effort in order to get things in time. XP makes knowing progress much earlier, and hence sudden stress in the end.

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