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BATCH SYSTEMS : They are a set of programs that perform certain activities which do not require any kind of input from the user. Batch systems contain one or more API which perform various tasks.

Ex: When something is typed on a word document by pressing a key, same is displayed on the monitor. The […]

Deadlock – Algorithms


Consider an example:

There are four customers: A, B, C and D, which are analogous to four processes. The credit unit is like the resource The banker himself is the OS Assume each credit unit = Rs. 1000.

Not all customers need their maximum credit immediately. Hence only 10 credit units are […]

Deadlock avoidance and prevention

Deadlock Prevention

In order to prevent deadlock, the system is built in such a way that no deadlock occurs. Make sure that at least one of the four conditions in which deadlock can occur does not exist.

Attacking Hold and wait : In order to ensure that hold and wait condition never occurs, two protocols […]

Usability testing process

Usability testing can make a lot of difference to the ultimate success of the products of the company, and needs to be well planned. If you do the test wrong, or have some of the parameters wrong, then this could have negative results for the company (in addition, you could end up letting the key […]