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Guidelines for usability testing

When we were going in for usability testing, I was part of the team that would evaluate the results from the usability testing, and it was important for me to understand more about the usability testing process. Besides understanding the need for usability testing and the process, it was also important for the team to […]

Usability testing tools

Usability testing is a part of the development life cycle that is pretty critical. It is part of the series of steps (along with user testing and beta testing) that validate whether the product (and the features) are actually usable by the actual end users; feedback from this stage can make a difference between success […]

Usability testing methods

Usability testing can take the form of several methods and techniques (depending on the situation and need):

Cognitive Walkthrough: Performed continually during the development cycle, cognitive workflows try to evaluate the system from a user’s thought process that help in decision making (these include the ability to reason as well as other factors such as […]

About usability testing and timing

Suppose you are in a tight development cycle. You have to deliver either a new product, or the next version of an existing product. Getting the features of a product right is always a touch task, given that there are a number of competing features that seem important, and prioritizing the features is something that […]