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Hiring a consultant for generating your requirements: Part 2 of an external article

The previous article presented the article outlining 5 essential steps that you need to take when you have people hired to do requirements analysis for a project. Well, here is the link to the part 2 of this article that outlines tips 6 – 10 for the requirements gathering process (link). These next 5 tips are:
6. Make resources available: You need to budget for making sure that the requirements capturing team can access the current system and employees.
7. Include the employees who actually use the system: It is critical that the requirements gathering team get access to actual users who use the system, not only to the management people who drive the project.
8. Let your employees know their input is important: Make sure that the employees working with the requirements team understand that they need to help the team. At the same time, employees who are working with the team can provide an impression of the competence of the requirements team (are they asking the right questions, are they focused on the current processes, etc)
9. Remember why you hired the consultant: Do not take anything for granted. Explain your process in full detail.
10. Take ownership of the project: Hopefully not necessary to explain this. The project is important, and you need to make sure that it gets full importance.

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