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Weakness of Function Point Analysis

Function Point Analysis is seen as a very important and useful technique for requirements estimation, and for numerous other benefits (see previous post for more details). However, even such a famous method has its detractors, with a number of people / studies pointing out issues with the technique. Here are some of these issues / […]

Advantages / Benefits of Function Point Analysis

Function Point Analysis is seen as a significantly important took / process for doing estimation. But what exactly are the benefits that you can get via this process, and why is this something that people are willing to pay good money to learn ? Reading ahead, you will see reasons outlined (and if you are […]

Effort Estimation Technique: Function Point Analysis (Part 2)

In the previous post, you learned about the 5 functional components; now, in addition to these, there are 2 adjustment factors that need to be employed during Functional Point Analysis. These are:

Functional Complexity: As the name states, you need to consider the functional complexity for each unique function. Functional Complexity is determined based on […]

Effort Estimation Technique: Function Point Analysis (Part 1)

The Function Point Analysis technique was developed during the late seventies by IBM, which commissioned one of its employees, Allan Albrecht to develop this technique. In the early eighties, this technique was refined, and then a new organization, International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG), was founded to take the Function Point Analysis technique forward; while […]