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Product Development – Prerelease planning

During a product development cycle, getting inputs from users is of great importance. It is not so easy for a development team to get inputs so easily. One way is to find focus groups or do other usability studies where groups of users from the desired customer groups are quizzed about their needs and their […]

Product Development – Actual Kickoff of Development Effort

During every product development cycle, there are 2 distinct stages that you reach in the cycle. There is an initial phase when the planning happens, and there is a later stage when the actual work happens with respect to the actual design and development effort. These are very broad level definitions, with many details and […]

Product Development – planning a minor / dot release – Challenges

In the last post, I had talked about why a minor (dot) release is needed, as well as some of the reasons as to why doing a dot release is an inconvenience. However, if the decision has been made to do a dot release, then it is necessary to understand the process of planning and […]

Product Development – what is a minor / dot release

For those of you unacquainted with the concept of a minor release (I will also call it a Dot release from time to time), it is a release that you do after the main release has been done. If that did not make too much sense, let me try again ! Suppose you have released […]