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Difference between various software testing terms

Here are some similar sounding terms that confuse most people. We need to get more clarity on what the difference between these terms is, so here is an attempt to do that. The Difference Between Quality Assurance, Quality Control, And Testing, explained below. A large number of people are confused about the difference between quality […]

Stages of a complete test cycle

People who are involved in the business of software testing know many parts of the testing process, but there are few people who have covered all the stages involved from the time of getting the project requirements, to the last stages of testing. Here is a timeline of the steps involved in this process:


Types of testing

What are the different types of testing that one normally comes across ? If there are others besides these, please add in the comments.

• Black box testing – This is a testing method that is not based on any knowledge of internal design or code. Tests are based on requirements and functionality. • White […]

Some testing definitions

Some definitions of key testing terms:

What is software ‘quality’? Trying to attain software quality implies being able to meet the following goals: reasonably bug-free, delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and/or expectations, and is maintainable. It is not easy to objectively define quality. It will depend on who the ‘customer’ is and […]