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Benefits of Six Sigma certification (contd ..)

The previous post outlined some of the benefits that going in for Six Sigma certification entails. Here are some more benefits that are available as part of this certification:

– Six Sigma results in significant cost savings. Six Sigma lets you get more details about what is coming next, lets you prepare in more detail, […]

Benefits of Six Sigma certification

Six Sigma is a major certification to display the quality of processes followed within a company; and it is not only limited to displaying the quality. The process of seeking and getting six sigma certification means that the company is making a statement that it wants its processes to be better, with lesser defects (both […]

What is Six Sigma ?

Six Sigma is an important measure of the quality of a system, being adopted by many top-class corporations the world over such as GE. Six Sigma has spawned an industry of its own, in terms of experts who go to corporations and figure out how these companies can improve their processes so as to meet […]

Data Flow Diagram – Some template locations

There are numerous locations on the internet where data flow templates can be found. Here are a few of the sites where you can find and use DFD templates.

Flowcharttools (depiction of what a template should look like) – Click here

Sample of what a Data Flow Diagram looks like (click here)

Sample DFD […]