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Introduction to Routers

A computer networking device which forwards data packets across a network toward their destinations, through a process of routing is known as Router. In companies and large corporations, a central computer system acts as a router to connect all of the company’s computers to one network. This allows group participation and collaboration on large projects or just to connect all of the company’s resources at one central location. It also aids in reliable communication between employees working on different floors in the building or in different countries.

1. Router is required to connect multiple networks, like your LAN to the Internet.
2. Routers store large tables of networks and addresses, then using algorithms to determine the shortest routes to individual addresses within those networks.
3. Routers not only facilitate intra-network communications, but also play a role in overall network performance.
4. Routers help in delivering the information faster.
5. Routers also protect LAN from Internet.
6. Router blocks any packet that has a destination address outside of the LAN. If the destination address is valid, the router could check the Packet for an error. If there is an error, the router could discard the Packet and send a message to the originating address.
7. Routers have address translation and filtering capabilities.

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