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Scrum tools – Scrumy

Scrum is an approach to Project Management that is very different from the traditional models such as waterfall, and is an agile development method. Scrum involves integrating a cross-functional team into one cohesive team that delivers software as per defined intervals known as Sprints. The set of features that are used to define a Sprint […]

Principles of Risk Management

The Software engineering institute identifies seven principles that “provide a framework to accomplish effective risk management.” They are :

– Maintain a global perspective : View software risks within the context of system in which it is a component and the business problem that it is intended to solve. – Take a forward-looking view : […]

Software Risks – Some quantification

There are a large number of cases where software development fails to deliver totally, or fails to deliver value upto the required level. This failure has huge economic and human impact, depending on the criticality of the software and its size. We need to find a new way to develop software. The basic problem with […]

Overview of Risk Management

Risk analysis and management are a series of steps that help a software team to understand and manage uncertainty. Many problems can plague a software project. A risk is a potential problem – it might happen, it might not. But, regardless of the outcome, it’s a really good idea to identify it, assess it’s probability […]