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Cleanroom Software Engineering – Design Refinement and Cleanroom Testing

Design Refinement & Verification
– If a function f is expanded into a sequence g and h, the correctness condition for all input to f is:
• Does g followed by h do f?
When a function f is refined into a conditional (if-then-else), the correctness condition for all input to f is:
• Whenever condition is true does g do f and whenever is false, does h do f?
– When function f is refined as a loop, the correctness conditions for all inputs to f are:
• Is termination guaranteed?
• Whenever is true does g followed by f do f, and whenever is false, does skipping the loop still do f?

Advantages of Design Verification :
– It reduces verification to a finite process.
– It lets cleanroom teams verify every line of design and code.
– It results in a near zero defect level.
– It scales up.
– It produces better code than unit testing.

The strategy and tactics of cleanroom testing are fundamentally different from conventional testing approaches.
Statistical Testing
– Generation of test cases
* each test case begins in a start state and represents a random walk through the usage model ending at a designated end state.
– Control of statistical testing
* a well-defined procedure is performed under specified conditions.
* each performance is a trial and can be used as part of an empirical probability computation.
– Stopping criteria for testing
* when testing goals or quality standards are achieved.
* when the difference between the predicted usage chain and the actual testing chain becomes very small.

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