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Advantages of using Scrum (contd..)

A couple of posts back, I had mentioned about some of the advantage of using Scrum as a project execution methodology, and this post is a continuation of that description. – You get a person to play the role of one who ensures that the team is following the processes as they are supposed to […]

Learning about scrum through a video

Scrum is a project management technique, one of the Agile development technologies. It is a fairly more recent technology, and has been increasingly adopted by more companies. There is a concept that scrum is meant for smaller teams, but it is erroneously thought that larger products cannot be built with scrum. For a scrum team, […]

Some advantages of using Scrum ..

For people working on software projects, or on software products, Scrum is a relatively new development methodology that comes with a lot of hype, and with many converts. Even in my company, where we practice different development methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Iterative, etc (depending on the need), there is a push towards evaluating […]

System Engineering

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary process that ensures that the customer’s needs are satisfied throughout a system’s entire life cycle. This process is comprised of the following seven tasks.

1. State the problem. Stating the problem is the most important systems engineering task. It entails identifying customers, understanding customer needs, establishing the need for […]