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Some advantages of using Scrum ..

For people working on software projects, or on software products, Scrum is a relatively new development methodology that comes with a lot of hype, and with many converts. Even in my company, where we practice different development methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Iterative, etc (depending on the need), there is a push towards evaluating Scrum and using it. What are some of the advantages of using scrum ?
– Scrum works on the basis that the teams involved in scrum are self-organizing and self-managing. The team is the core component of a scrum development methodology, and the team as a whole is dependent on driving the features and being responsible for the success. The team as such are supposed to merge their differences in terms of being individual QE, Dev, etc.
– Developers commit to develop only features that can be developed within the current iteration or Sprint
– Very distinct from waterfall, in the sense that you deliver feature by feature, instead of working on all features to achieve the Alpha / Beta. This allows you to have the flexibility of incorporating new features when required.
– So, you do not know the feature details for work supposed to happen in the next 2 months, that is fine, since you will have this time in between to get more detail about the needed features rather than design on features where the definition is not clear
– By ensuring that at the end of every iteration or Sprint, you have a deliverable feature and a good level of product, you can show good progress to your customers or stakeholders; customers are easily able to view the progress and demo of features after every iteration
– This shorter development cycle ensures that you have a much closer level of communication with the customer and can incorporate feedback quickly and effectively
– Scrum methodology ensures that any problems are quickly highlighted and not hidden under the carpet till much later
– When scrums are well designed and features properly allocated, then the more important features are included in the earlier Sprints, this ensures that those features are selected and implemented that are more important. Features that are low in importance are not taken up till much later.
– Daily (short) meetings during the Scrum process ensure that any blockages or impediments are quickly detected and handled, giving a higher rate of success for the project
– The team feels much more involved in the planning process, and giving them this feeling ensures that they have a greater stake in the success of the project
– Are able to better measure productivity using burndown charts, velocity, etc

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