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Learning about scrum through a video

Scrum is a project management technique, one of the Agile development technologies. It is a fairly more recent technology, and has been increasingly adopted by more companies. There is a concept that scrum is meant for smaller teams, but it is erroneously thought that larger products cannot be built with scrum. For a scrum team, the size needs to be optimal (and I have found that 8-10 members are optimal for such teams in my experience), and so a larger product team can be broken down into smaller scrum teams. However, scrum seems so different from waterfall (even though waterfall is a development methodology) that people who are using Scrum really should have proper training. You need to learn about the different terms such as backlog, Sprint, burn-down charts, daily scrums, and learn the meaning of what a scrum master, what a Sprint team does, and how the teams integrate to form a much closer team.

SCRUM in Under 10 Minutes (HD)

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