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Scrum – Product Backlog Template (some examples)

The Product Backlog is a critical component of Scrum, being the list of features as desired by the Product Owner. For every Sprint cycle, the Product Owner prioritizes the features from the overall list that are needed to be done in that Sprint Cycle, and these are the ones that are then selected for that […]

More about the Product Backlog – When and where ?

In the previous post (link), I had started writing about the Product Backlog, but soon realized that I needed more than one post. So here is Part 2 about the Product Backlog. Part of the debate about a Product Backlog is about the extent of detail, as well as when should more detail be added. […]

Scrum terms: What is a Product Backlog

If you are an advanced Scrum user, then go away (or wait, maybe you can contribute and make this discussion a bit better). As part of a Scrum based project implementation, we did away with all the grandiose MS Project based feature by feature schedule (as a mix of an iterative and Waterfall development process) […]

What are the disadvantages of Scrum ?

The past few posts have being bringing out some of the advantages of what Scrum is, and why it is beneficial. However it cannot be that in all cases Scrum can be used. What are some of the disadvantages of Scrum, and what are the situation / circumstances in which Scrum cannot be used: – […]