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Scrum explained: What is the daily Scrum ?

For those of you who are evaluating the usage of Scrum to run your project management process, you really need to understand the need for a daily Scrum. If you are the one tasked with implementing the process, then you need to understand the need, the requirement, and the benefits of doing a Scrum meeting on a daily (or frequent periodic) basis. You will need this understanding in order to ensure that you can convince the others (the potential Scrum team) about the need to have these daily meetings. On the other hand, if you are a member of the Scrum team, then you need to understand the need for these regular meetings so that you contribute the best, and be convinced to do these on a daily basis.
So what do you do in these daily meetings, and why would you want to spend the required time every day ?
– Well, first of all, these are very short meetings, meant to be 15-20 minutes each, held at a regular time at a regular place.
– These meetings are conducted by a ScrumMaster, who is the person responsible for makings sure that processes are followed
– The meeting is meant to answer the following questions:
a) What has been your progress since the last meeting on the previous day
b) What is your expected progress till the next meeting (expected on the next working day)
c) Are there are any issues or problems you are facing that will prevent you from doing this work ?
– The meetings are meant to be short and succinct, with only one person at a time speaking, with no lectures or prolonged statements
– The meetings demand promptness and everybody to be present (if people do not attend, then it starts a chain reaction where other people may not attend)

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