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Scrum optimized – what should you not do in your daily Scrum meetings

When you and the Scrum team commit to a daily Scrum meeting, there are some steps you need to take in order to ensure that people feel that these meetings add value to them and that they are valued members of this meeting; else they will not feel involved enough about sharing the required information. So, what are the steps that should be avoided once you are involved with the daily Scrum session ? You need to take care that you are avoiding the following signs in order to ensure that your Scrum sessions are effective. Now, some of these are tips that you would have seen if you had read about what are some of the steps that you should take in order to have an effective daily Scrum.
– Do not get into detailed discussion of issues in the Daily Scrum. If you have issues that need discussion, arrange for a shorter more involved team to have a separate meeting in order to discuss these issues; do not involve the full team in this discussion, and maintain the sanctity of the Daily Scrum as a place to discuss current updates
– When a boss like atmosphere prevails in the meetings, where people are supposed to report their status, and justify why things are happening or not happening on time, then the meeting is no longer meeting the goals of a daily Scrum meeting. In the meeting, people are supposed to be giving their brief updates to each other, not to a boss kind of situation.
– If people from senior management attend the meeting, then they should be encouraged to listen, and be as unobtrusive as possible, and avoid talking. This ensures that people are more open, and can speak without thinking that they are on a daily stand where they have to justify themselves.
– If the time and location for the meeting is not fixed, then people have difficulty in finding the meeting, and can spend time just hunting for the meeting
– This is a meeting for the team members, and the ScrumMaster is there to facilitate; however, if the ScrumMaster starts assigning tasks, then it starts breaking the rules of the meeting
– If during the meeting, it is noticed that the ScrumMaster has to keep on asking people for answers, then it is clear that either people have not really understood or they have not bought into the concept
– If you find people either being late to the meeting or not attending the meeting without good reason, it means that they do not see value in the meeting. This may be symptomatic of the wider team not being bought into the concept, and needs effort to understand what may be going wrong.
– If a meeting starts degenerating into a place where people catch up with each other, then that needs to be curtailed. This is a short focused meeting, and should remain as such.

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  • Great post!

    It is important to be observant for anti-patterns during the daily scrum. These meeting will not be as effective as they are meant to be.

    I have collected a lot of information in my blog about daily scrum. Please take a look if you want!

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