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Learning about Scrum from free videos available on YouTube

Scrum is a project development methodology that is vastly different from previo us such development methodologies. It requires teams to change the way they do their processes, it requires management to understand what the process is all about, why it is different and how they have to let teams empower themselves and let them run with the process. Further, the concept of a self-energized team that runs the show and reports progress on a periodic interval (separate from the daily Scrum discussion) can be very different from the detailed status reports of Waterfall or modified Waterfall (it is technically not right to compare Waterfall and Scrum, but enough people do this, and it is accepted as a comparison).
For Scrum, it is essential that all the stakeholders (called pigs and chickens – where the pigs are the ones with a direct involvement in the day to day work, while chickens are other stakeholders such as management and customers) get some level of training. However, another important way to make more people aware that this is a great process that can work wonders for some types or projects is to see what other teams are doing, as well as to review some of the videos available on Youtube on scrum (it is free training in some self).

SCRUM in Under 10 Minutes (HD) by @hamids

Scrum Basics

Agile vs. Waterfall: A Tale of Two Teams

Scrum Masters 2 (funny)

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