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What are the responsibilites of a ScrumMaster ?

One of the key roles inside a Scrum based project development methodology is that of a ScrumMaster. A ScrumMaster is a person who runs the meetings (daily Scrum meetings), but is not expected to be behaving like a leader, or to act as someone to whom people report their status. He does not define the features / user stories that are detailed in the Sprint planning, but instead works as a facilitator, ensuring that the process is being followed.
Here are some of the tasks / responsibilities for the ScrumMaster.
1. Must setup the Daily Scrum meeting, at a a regular place and time so that people be there at the required time without having to hunt for the meeting
2. Run the Scrum daily meetings, as well as the Sprint Review and Sprint Planning meetings
3. Ensure that the processes are followed, that people are attending the daily meetings, and are on time
4. The ScrumMaster must shield the time from external pressure, such as more senior management who would want to influence certain decisions, but doing so would break the Scrum process
5. The ScrumMaster is the one who updates the Burndown chart on a regular basis, as well as have full knowledges on what tasks have been completed, or pending, or where estimates have been changed. He needs to do this in a way without seeming to be acting as a manager
6. The ScrumMaster gets to know on a daily basis as to what could be the challenges or barriers that could be impeding the completion of a task from the concerned team member, and it is the responsibility of the ScrumMaster to ensure that these barriers are identified and their removal is prioritized
7. Similarly if there are technical issues found, the ScrumMaster would get together the relevant people outside of the Daily Scrum meeting to discuss and resolve
8. The ScrumMaster needs to ensure that the team members are able to speak during the Daily Scrum meeting, that they are restricting what they say to talk about done and new tasks, as well as any barriers
9. The ScrumMaster must be able to determine if there are any inter-team issues that could affect the productivity of the team or of team members, and quickly step in to help them get resolved
10. The ScrumMaster must have a great understanding of his / her own role, and understand the role of the Product Owner, such that there is no overlap between the roles and no tension as a result
11. The ScrumMaster must be the one who ensures that the team’s current status is passed onto all the stakeholders, and one way of doing that is through data such as Burndown charts and Backlog information
12. The ScrumMaster must ensure that people in the team are fully well versed with the Scrum process, including providing guidance or training; also the ScrumMaster must ensure that people in the team also have had the required technical training
13. Who is the ScrumMaster ? The ScrumMaster can be the Project Manager or the Program Manager, but can be anybody else on the team as well, from whom it is felt that the above points can be expected
14. The ScrumMaster must ensure that if somebody in the team or one of the stakeholders is breaking the rules, then it is pointed out and corrected

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