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Responsibility of a Product Owner

A product owner is supposed to be responsible for defining the features / tasks that need to be done in a Sprint cycle, and select the required features from the backlog. The Product Owner is supposed to be a member of the Product Management team, and also a representative of the customer. The responsibilities of the Product Owner are:
– Focus on the long term and short term vision for the product
– Brings the viewpoint of the customer to the product / Scrum teams
– Like Product Management anywhere, the Product owner should be responsible for the market analysis, the business case, competitive analysis and revenue projections
– It is the responsibility of the Product Owner to do the analysis related to Return on Investment, and use this analysis for determining the features as a part of this product
– The Product Owner needs to do the evaluation of the decisions that need to be made in terms of features versus the schedule and the effort required to do the feature
– The Product Owner writes the User Stories that the team depends on to develop the feature
– The Product Owner is an integral part of the entire development process, being part of the ‘Pig’
– The Product Owner should realize that he is not running the team, and that the team is a self-organized team
– The Product Owner needs to ensure that the user stories are detailed enough that estimates can be developed
– The Product Owner needs to insulate the team from other stakeholders who would want to tweak the features being done, or who seek changes

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