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Some videos to learn more about Daily Scrum meeting

An intrinsic part of the Scrum process is the daily Scrum meeting, a meeting where the team comes together to talk to each other about:
1. Tasks completed since the last such meeting (should be the previous day if daily Scrum being held)
2. Tasks pending to be done on the next day
3. Any impediments in terms of infrastructure or similar areas that are preventing or delaying the work that needs to be done.
The daily Scrum meeting is very important to hold effectively, to ensure that it is quick, short, and attended by all the team members. However, if team members are not convinced about the need for such a meeting, or they consider it a waste of time, it is pretty much on the cards that there will be problems in the Scrum process. What I am showing below are several videos gathered from Youtube that attempt to explain how different teams handle the Daily Scrum:

Late for Scrum: Cupid Shuffle (Duet) (for enforcing that people attend):

See How They Scrum

Rally Chalk Talk: The Daily Meeting

Stand up meetings

Scrum Play

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