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Roles and responsibilities of a team member in Scrum

So far, we have talked of the role and responsibilities of the ScrumMaster and Product Owner in the Scrum process. The third major constituent of the ‘pig’ part of the Scrum stakeholders (‘Pig’ means the members of the team whose day to day task are directly related to the project development) is the team, the ones who are responsible for the development of the project, and who are responsible for the coding and testing. So, what do the team members do and what are their responsibilities:
– Team members are responsible for ensuring that the features identified by the Product Owner from the backlog list is done in the relevant Sprint cycle
– Team members have to develop a feeling that they are responsible for delivery of the project, and that they have been empowered with a big responsibility for making that happen
– As part of the Scrum meeting, the team members are responsible for:
* Reporting on the tasks done since the last Sprint meeting
* Enunciating the pending tasks in front of them for the next day
* Reporting any impediments that is blocking them from getting the task done
– In addition to these specific duties, there are additional related responsibilities for the team members
* They need to ensure that they are on time for the Daily Scrum meetings
* They need to report all possible impediments that they are facing
* They need to be brief, quick and yet provide the required information in the daily Scrum meeting
* They need to set aside their differences with other team members and ensure that they are committed to getting the work done, and this becomes even more critical in the case of Scrum since the team members have to lower their functional differences and act as one team
* Team members should give as realistic an estimate for the task to be done, since the determination of the work needed to be done in the Sprint is determined by these estimates
– Team members should do self-learning about Scrum in order to ensure that they fully understand the philosophy behind Scrum and its processes

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