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What is a Sprint Backlog ? A short definition

For the last few posts, I have been talking about the Product Backlog which is the repository of all the feature requirements, architectural work, and design changes required to be done by the team, and is owned by the Product Owner, typically from the Product Management team. However, there is another term called the “Sprint […]

Using VersionOne tool with Scrum

There are many tools you can use for the purpose of running your Scrum process, with some people even using Excel with a combination of Post-It notes. However, I have found that it makes things more efficient by using a professional tool in the Scrum process. One of the more famous tool in this regard […]

How to prioritize items in the Product Backlog ?

If you are not the Product Owner, you could just say “Ask the Product Owner / It’s the responsibility of the Product Owner”, and you would technically be correct. But, hey, you are now working in the Scrum model, and part of the responsibilities that come with Scrum is that the team feels a higher […]

Product Backlog for Scrum – Learn through vidoes

As they say, when learning anything new, especially when it something as different as Scrum, you need to learn, read more, and learn from other people’s experiences. You also need to do some of this learning together as a team, so that you can then do discussions, clarifications, and any other necessary meetings to better […]