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Scrum tool –

Using Scrum can really change the way you run your software business. You can get your team to be more self-empowered, more involved with the project, as well as viewing the semi-finished project on a more regular basis. However, your experience with Scrum is also dependent on the tool that you use – use a tool that is not good for the job and it becomes difficult to keep the morale levels high, as well as not getting the right information to make the important decisions.
One tool that we are looking at today is called ScrumEdge, and to try to get feedback, we will look for some reviews of the tool on the internet.

Details about ScrumEdge (link)
ScrumEdge is a collaborative tool that allows teams, ScrumMasters, and stakeholders to manage the Scrum lifecycle at the product and sprint levels.
In the service industry your hours are your inventory. Lose track of them — they spoil. ScrumEdge gives you the information you need, when you need it. Nail your mark, every time.

Some reviews:
1. ScrumEdge – Review at (link)

ScrumEdge might be for you if you use the Scrum project management methodology already and are familiar and comfortable with the scrum process. The program is well suited for small and startup businesses wishing to use agile project management methodologies as well as those who are established. Finally, the program is good for those who want software that isn’t as complex as MS Project and its alternatives, but also don’t want anything too simplistic.

2. ScrumEdge on (link)

With ScrumEdge you’ll no longer need to deal with shared excel-sheets or walls covered in post-its! The icing on the cake is the ease with which ScrumMasters and Team Members can access their data and view a project’s progress from any location; office, home or even while traveling!

3. ScrumEdge on (link)

ScrumEdge enables agile development teams to better organize and manage project deliverables, allowing them to deliver high quality products in short time-frames.

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