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Product Backlog for Scrum – Learn through vidoes

As they say, when learning anything new, especially when it something as different as Scrum, you need to learn, read more, and learn from other people’s experiences. You also need to do some of this learning together as a team, so that you can then do discussions, clarifications, and any other necessary meetings to better help you in your adoption of Scrum. Thankfully, for using Scrum, there are a large number of resources available, there are sites that have great tutorials, and there are videos where people walk you through Scrum.
Here are some videos that work you through the Product Backlog, and hopefully by watching some of these videos, you can learn a lot more about using a Product Backlog:

Managing your Scrum Product Backlog in a simple Excel

How to create a Product Backlog in Agilo for Scrum

Backlog Estimation

Sprint Backlog

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