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Traditional role of engineering manager / lead and QE manager / lead in Scrum

In Scrum, the focus is on the Scrum team and some of the key roles in Scrum – the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, and the team members. In Scrum, the team is more empowered than in other models of software development. In other models such as waterfall, the reality of project development is that […]

Responsibilites of a Product Owner in Scrum

The Product Owner is a critical person as per Scrum, since the Product Owner is a representative of the Product Management team, and represents the interests of the customers, is the interface for the team with the whole process of requirements / features, and also owns the Product Backlog. Here are some more details of […]

The documents / artifacts created in Scrum

First, for all those of you are asking what an artifact is. Well, if you consider the Wikipedia definition, “An artifact is one of many kinds of tangible byproduct produced during the development of software.”, it can be used in the current case to refer to the documents that we generate from the Scrum process. […]

Resources for learning Scrum – A list of sites

On this website, you can find a large number of articles that help you learn about Scrum; but I would be the last person to claim that you cannot learn about Scrum from other places as well :-), so am trying to present some resources here that will help you in learning more about Scrum.