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Participants in the Sprint Planning Meeting – An integral part of Scrum

We have described the Sprint Planning Meeting in earlier posts; a brief about this Sprint Planning Meeting: A meeting where all the Sprint team works through the Product Backlog and describes the features that need to be implemented in the current Sprint cycle.
This post will work through more details in the Sprint Planning Meeting including the role of each of the participants.
The different people who need to attend the Sprint Planning meeting are the following – Product Owner, Scrum Master, the Scrum Team, and any stakeholders such as management, customers, etc.
What do each of these key stakeholders do ?
First, the important role is that of the Product Owner. The Product Owner details the various items on the Product Backlog, and specifically focuses on the highest priority features of the team. For these items, the Product Owner needs to be responsible for answering all and any of the questions that the Scrum team has that they need to determine the effort estimation for the features. However, the idea being that the Product Owner should not have to detail all the features on the Product Backlog, only focus on the more important features.
The Scrum team is responsible for ensuring that they get all the details they require for being able to generate the task break up for the features, and also be able to accurately estimate the effort required for such tasks. In the beginning, the team may not be able to make accurate estimates, but over a period of time, the team will get better at being able to ask all the right questions and estimate the effort.
The Scrum Master has to ensure that this process is happening, running the meeting and keeping it moving along. The goals for the meeting need to be achieved, without the meeting going into heavy extra-time.
During the meeting, the team (including the Product Owner) need to establish the goal of defining the Sprint goal, an overall description of what the Sprint is supposed to achieve (and this helps in making sure that the team has an overall goal) and which will be measured at the Sprint Review meeting.

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