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Traditional role of engineering manager / lead and QE manager / lead in Scrum

In Scrum, the focus is on the Scrum team and some of the key roles in Scrum – the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, and the team members. In Scrum, the team is more empowered than in other models of software development. In other models such as waterfall, the reality of project development is that the process for development works in the following manner:
– There is a project manager responsible for the overall project
– There are separate Dev and QE teams
– These teams are led by either their respective Dev / QE Managers or Dev/QE leads
– The planning work is all done by the Project Manager along with the respective Dev/QE managers / leads
In Scrum, that relationship is somewhat changed, at least in theory; the Project Manager can take the role of ScrumMaster, but the respective Dev/QE leads do not have such a well defined role. The theory goes that the Scrum teams have the capability to accurately, plan, estimate, and execute. In such cases, what do these leads do ?
Well, if you are really into using Scrum Development for the long haul, then these roles become less important, at aleast apparently so. I said apparently so, because the statement is not true – it would be true if conditions were ideal, if the team members had the experience and maturity to be accurately estimate and then execute. But this is not the case, and the individual Dev/QE managers will need to remain involved.
They need to ensure:
– Provide the required training to learn and estimate accurately
– Do a check of the estimates to ensure that they are correct
– Provide career and technical guidance
– Work to resolve issues that the team members face
– Be part of the decision making for key / important decision
– Be able to bring newer members of the team
– Help in reducing tensions in the team even though they are supposed to be working closely together

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