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How to optimize Planning Poker as a part of Scrum and some benefits of the Planning Poker process – Part 1

In previous posts (Details about Planning Poker process), I have explained the process of Planning Poker as a part of how to do estimation of tasks during the Sprint Planning process. In this post, I will go further and post some points about how to optimize the Planning Poker process / make it a success, […]

Scrum in a very brief nutshell – a set of points along with a brief description

I have written several articles about Scrum, none of them very long or like an essay, but this article will probably be the shortest, since it is more like a slide with a few points (and optional explanation) next to the slide points. Here goes: – Have a prioritized list of requirements: This is essentially […]

What are some of the problems you could face while planning using Planning Poker ?

Planning Poker is a process used for estimation during the Sprint planning meeting, many times with actual cards rather than software. The various team members do their estimation of the tasks using Fibonacci numbering sequence, and after a couple of rounds of discussion, a finalization of the estimates are done, and these are converted into […]

Scrum tools for Planning Poker – task breakdown and estimation

Planning Poker is an important part of the process of breaking down of the features as a part of Scrum. In 2 previous posts (brief description of Planning Poker, and More details of the Planning Poker process), I had explained the Planning Poker to some degree. However, I had not detailed any tools that could […]