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Scrum Tool: AgileBuddy (information along with reviews)

In the quest to find good tools for Scrum (and when doing Scrum for the first time with a new team), it can be a difficult experience just finding the tool that will give you the least tool-side problems while implementing Scrum. As a part of this, I keep on hunting for new tools that make the Scrum process slightly easier, and search for reviews that other people have written on the same subject. Here is some information from the company site (link) as well user reviews:
Agilebuddy is next generation Scrum project management software that lets you easily Create, Estimate, Plan and Track your software projects. Agilebuddy’s comprehensive set of Scrum tools help teams naturally transition from the traditional waterfall model to Agile software development. Read more about the feature set at this link.

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For self-help, look at the following videos on Youtube (link)

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