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SpiraPlan – Agile Project Management System (one review, and some information from the company site)

I keep on looking out for tools that can be used for Scrum, and once in a while SpiraPlan would pop up. I did not review the tool myself, so cannot give my personal opinion, but did a lookout for the other reviews that are available on this tool (and there are not too many out there). Here goes:
1. From the company site (Inflectra) – Link to the company site.

At the initial stages of a project, the project manager will use SpiraPlan in conjunction with the business users to determine the initial high level scope of the project, the key features and requirements. Working with the technical team, the project manager can begin to develop a high level release schedule and assign initial priorities and work estimates to the different features.
Once the project is underway, the combined business and technical team work together to develop the iteration plan for the releases, break up the features into discrete stories and tasks and begin assigning the tasks to the individual iterations. During development as the team work to complete the various tasks and stories, the system will track changes in the actual effort to determine if the plan needs to be rebalanced to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery.

2. A great review at (link)

The Planning Tab is where most of the daily work will be done in SpiraPlan. The Requirements option is the closer that you can get from Product Backlog. A big grid with tons of columns and multi-level requirements, luckily you can hide and show the columns you like, but this operation is slow and annoying. A big problem with the Requirement grid is the impossibility to sort it by any column, that means you can not have a view of a prioritized backlog anywhere in the tool. The requirements have a importance property alowing a scale of 1 to 4, begin 1 for Critical and 4 for Low and the best you can do is filter the grid to see only requirements with a specific importance.

3. A checklist of features at this site.

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