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Scrum tools for Planning Poker – task breakdown and estimation

Planning Poker is an important part of the process of breaking down of the features as a part of Scrum. In 2 previous posts (brief description of Planning Poker, and More details of the Planning Poker process), I had explained the Planning Poker to some degree. However, I had not detailed any tools that could help in the process of Planning Poker, so here goes:
1. Planning Poker (site link). Estimates derived from Planning Poker are more accurate because of the emphasis on lively discussion and the fact that estimators are called upon by their peers to justify their estimates — factors proven to increase accuracy. Finally, Planning Poker provides a true average of individual estimates, which has been shows to lead to better results. Free.
2. Planning Poker Cards (link).
3. ScrumDesk (link). A comprehensive tool that also does Planning Poker. Pricing at this link.
3. IceScrum (link). A free tool.

And of course, if there are more tools that you use and find useful, do let me know via comments. Thanks, and please contribute.

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