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In the Daily Scrum meeting, why is it so hard to get people to discuss with each rather than the Scrum Master (project manager in disguise)

The Daily Scrum is a very simple, and yet a very integral part of the Scrum process. The idea is to get the team to work with each other, and discuss the items that they have done, are going to be doing next, and any obstacles (impediments) in their path. These are 3 questions: 1. […]

A contrarian approach, some problems with Scrum as seen by my experience

Scrum somewhat problematic for us

This post can be a bit challenging; it was most challenging to me when I started writing it, since Scrum has been sold as a solution for most software development projects. Along with this, previous software development methodologies such as Waterfall, Spiral, etc are slowly getting marked as methodologies that […]

Problems that are caused during Scrum when a team member is not full time on the project

In the ideal case, a person will be working on the Scrum project full time, with that also being the assumption made when the several items of Scrum such as Daily Scrum Meeting, Velocity, Burndown Charts, etc are all calculated. However, there are cases when a team is fairly busy in multiple items and people […]

Some problems with the usage of Burndown charts to measure status, or to measure progress

Scrum is touted as one of the modern new techniques that can get rid of all the problems that people have faced with earlier techniques such as Waterfall (and if one goes by correct theory, Scrum is primarily a Project Management technique, not a broad Project Development methodology. However for those people who are passionate […]