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How to handle the external stakeholders when they get involved in the Daily Scrum meetings and start taking it over

In the previous couple of posts (Role of Chickens in Scrum, Definition of external stakeholders), we talked about what the external stakeholders are, their responsibilities, and their stakes in the entire product development process. However, it is also true that the Scrum process does get affected when the external stakeholders (especially more senior people) get […]

Scrum – Role of external stakeholders (Chickens) in the team and their reponsibilities

In the previous post (Role of external stakeholders), we talked about who external stakeholders are, and what their interests are. In this post, we will talk more about their interests in the overall Product Development, and why they feel the need to get involved in many details of product management. Stakeholders can be spread across […]

Scrum: Who are defined as external stakeholders vs. people intricately involved with the team

In the previous post (External Stakeholders influence in Scrum), we talked about how the external stakeholders can have a huge amount of influence on the Scrum team, including deciding the priority of features, as well as doing a lot of talking in the Daily Scrum meetings, and many other examples. These cause a problem to […]

Scrum Problems: When external stakeholders intervene frequently in the Scrum meetings

In any Scrum process, the stakeholders are typically separated into being either Chicken or Pigs. This phrase refers to the fact that if you consider a chicken and a pig opening a restaurant called ‘Eggs and Ham’, the chicken just has to contribute eggs on a regular basis, without apparent harm; however, the pig has […]