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Ensuring that all the stakeholders are bought into the concepts of Scrum; else there will be problems

Why such a dramatic title ? Well, such a title is always good for getting some attention, and this is an interesting enough topic that I would like to draw attention to it a bit more. What is this about training and getting stakeholders to agree ? After all, if you provide enough training to the Scrum team and ensure that you have a capable ScrumMaster, what else do you need ? It is the Scrum team that provides the work, and they should know how to use Scrum.
Wait. If you have heard people say this, then you might have also heard them hear about problems they face when dealing with people outside their teams ? It could be senior management who want to know status as also a tentative list of features that will be done through the cycle along with a schedule, it could be the former project manager who somehow feels a loss of authority (along with the development and quality leads who somehow feel that the team does not seem to report to them all that much), it could be eccentric developers who hate the idea of having to come to the same place and time every day for a meeting where nothing much seems to be discussed, and so on.
Well, the part about the eccentric developers should have been handled during the training that the Scrum team gets, but what about the other stakeholders ? They are the ones who did not get any training or other talking to and hence seem to be old stuck-in-the-mud creatures who are not aware of what Scrum is, and why they should not be behaving the way that they normally do. Well, a significant part of the reason is that nobody has explained to them the concepts of Scrum, about how this changes how the team works, and more significantly, the advantages that this poses. The advantages that Scrum has in terms of being able to quickly react to customer needs, about getting the team to be more empowered, about being able to ensure that pretty soon, the estimates work out pretty well, that the team does not seem to be burning itself out fulfilling needs, etc need to be communicated, since many of them are not items that are easily and quickly measures, while problems such as no easy way for managers to get status, or for people being to influence the feature set being used by the team are more easily apparent and tend to rub people the wrong way.
This is not a simple training. It needs to be reinforced with the concept of the different between Pigs and Chickens (without using the words in an offensive way), about explaining how the Product Owner is the single point flow for deciding the priority of tasks, and so on. And then, the statistics that ensure that people start being in favor of Scrum in terms of more successful project execution, about seemingly more stable code, and so are wonderful talking points to get the stakeholders agreed for the Scrum methodology.

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