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Learn about Scrum – Why does Scrum fail – The team is just not ready for a change in their processes to handle Scrum

In the previous post, I took a real life example of a team (Daily Scrum and ScrumMaster) where Scrum was getting implemented, and yet soon after the actual work started, we were finding that things were not going on schedule, and that there were a lot of issues about commitment from the team, analysis revealed […]

Learn about Scrum – Why does Scrum fail – A case of not getting the Daily Scrum correct

In this post (and in a few other posts), I am going to be writing about some of the reasons as to why Scrum could fail. A lot of Scrum practitioners claim that typically it is not Scrum that fails, it is the people implementing it who fail. In this particular case, it is certainly […]

Scrum problems – Problems in writing proper user stories – What a Scrum User story is not meant to be – Part 2

The previous article (Scrum stories being too generic) was about providing the required right level of detail in Scrum User Stories, in order to make it represent the User Workflow. In this article, we focus on what a User Story should not be, and though these may seem obvious when we think about these deeply, […]

Scrum problems – Problems in writing proper user stories – getting too generic, or getting into too much detail – Part 1

User Stories are a very important part of Scrum, since User Stories are essentially the requirements part of the Scrum process. User Stories are used by the Product Owner to explain the requirements to the Scrum team, and need to be at a level where they can be used to test against, the QE team […]