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Engineering Practices Not Taken Care of by Scrum – Some details

Scrum never talks about engineering practices which is a good thing but this sometimes lands teams into trouble. The teams not only adopt the Scrum practices but also the principles which makes their progress sluggish and results in the code base being in a mess. This is a situation which is present in most of […]

Slicing For Better Results – Ready User Stories

The biggest issue faced in product development is effective communication between the team of the developers and the customer. The needs of the ever evolving products keep changing. Estimation of work, keeping track of the requirements, knowing the conditions of satisfaction, delivering on time even as new requirements surface in are some of the challenges […]

Screwing Up Software Development – a sarcastic look at how projects fail

We all complain about potholes on the city roads, but when it comes to software development, the process sometimes becomes so monotonous that you long to have potholes and speed breakers in the process. So, what do you do when you want a bumpy ride? You introduce the bumps yourself! So if you mangers are […]

Low Hit Ratio for Scrum – needs work from the team working on this

Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework for project management and agile software development. Rather than full process or methodology, it is a framework. Instead of providing complete, detailed description of how everything is to be done on the project, much is left to the team. This is done because the team will best know how […]