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Some doubts regarding the role of a ScrumMaster – get status in the meeting or running it

A recent conversation I was having with some colleagues left me confused. My concept of the role of the ScrumMaster from past projects, from training, and from theory relates to the ScrumMaster being one of the key contributors of the project, but not as the traditional manager sense. In the traditional sense, the Project Manager […]

Trying to decide how to do a release for a Scrum project – and whether you are ready for it – Part 2

In the previous post (Scrum Release Readiness – Part 1), we talked very briefly about what the Release Readiness is for a Scrum project. In this post, we will discuss the Release readiness in more detail, and work through what what are some of the points that need to be kept in mind when talking […]

Trying to decide how to do a release for a Scrum project – and whether you are ready for it – Part 1

I was working with a team that was relatively new on Scrum, and they had gone through the required training. This was a product with a development cycle of around 6 months, and the team (in their previous incarnation of using Waterfall would normally take 4 months to reach a Beta stage, and the final […]

A description of Scrum For Project Managers – some details

The product requirements of Scrum are typically chunked into a small set called a Story, or feature, with a short narrative description, somewhat like a use case or a test case. When you talk to people who are involved in Scrum, you will hear the word ‘Story’ many times. Let us go into more detail […]