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Some doubts regarding the role of a ScrumMaster – get status in the meeting or running it

A recent conversation I was having with some colleagues left me confused. My concept of the role of the ScrumMaster from past projects, from training, and from theory relates to the ScrumMaster being one of the key contributors of the project, but not as the traditional manager sense. In the traditional sense, the Project Manager would be the key person driving the project, ensuring that everything gets done, and working with the leads to figure out what needs to be done. The team members would do their work as per their scheduled tasks, working with their leads, and not having much independent initiative as part of the whole process.
When things come to Scrum, the team members are very heavily empowered, being able to decide on the feature and task estimates, and working as a group to ensure that the project is done on time, and with a high level of quality. One of the challenges of the whole process is about ensuring that the team managers don’t feel somewhat less informed, even though the process ensures that they really don’t need to be as heavily informed in everything as they used to.
So, when I was speaking to a team member who is a traditional project manager, and whose team moved over to Scrum, she wanted to be the ScrumMaster. At the same time, the company realizes that her skills in project management, especially being the driving force of the project, are also needed elsewhere, and somebody who is more of a specialist at unblocking the team, working them as a group, and removing all impediments, could do the role of a ScrumMaster. However, this is something that has made her uncomfortable, especially the suggestion that she should not be a ScrumMaster (given the skill sets). When this is suggested to her, the simple response is that otherwise how will she get to know what is happening in every part of the project.
My query to readers is: Is it really necessary for a single project manager type of role in scrum to know the status of each and every thing happening in the project; how do you break this mentality ? When suggested to her that Scrum does not really expect the Daily Scrum meeting to be a status meeting, she is fine with not specifically asking for status, but values the status that comes out in the daily Scrum meeting. However, is that feeling likely to make her run the meeting more and more of a status kind of meeting rather than the purpose that a Daily Scrum meeting is supposed to achieve ?

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