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Scrum Product Owner – Clear vision vs. evolving thought and adaptability

Scrum has been setup based on some principles that seek to map how modern software projects actually are, with the biggest basic principle being the fact that business requirements keep on changing. Hence, if there is a methodology that requires you to lock all your business requirements at the beginning of the cycle, and makes […]

Scrum – what happens when the Product Owner is over-worked ? (contd..)

In the last couple of posts (work load for the Product Owner), I have been writing about the problems faced by the Product Owner. These relate to a case when there is too much work load on the product owner; further, there can be a number of factors that control the load on a Product […]

Scrum – what happens when the Product Owner is over-worked ? (contd..)

In the previous post (Product Owner being over-worked), I was writing about what happens when the Product Owner for a Scrum team is over-worked, and the impact of this on the effectiveness of the team. In this post, will write more (continue from where I was writing in the previous post). There are a number […]

Scrum – what happens when the Product Owner is over-worked ?

When we were going into the Scrum model for the first time, and had the initial indoctrination. When some of the more senior management team read the first few sets of slides that talked about the development model, the concept of the team being much more involved in decision making and the fine level of […]