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Scrum – what happens when the Product Owner is over-worked ? (contd..)

In the previous post (Product Owner being over-worked), I was writing about what happens when the Product Owner for a Scrum team is over-worked, and the impact of this on the effectiveness of the team. In this post, will write more (continue from where I was writing in the previous post).
There are a number of factors that determine the amount of load for a Product Owner. If a team is new and the people do not have the experience of working for previous Scrum projects, then it is likely that the Product Owner will need to spend more time on this project. As a team gains experience in the project, they can be more effective in terms of how often they need to consult with the Product Owner, which reduces the amount of time that the Product Owner needs to spend on the project.
Another factor which decides the amount of time that the Product Owner needs to spend with the team is related to the domain experience of the team. Consider a project in the financial domain, where the client is an insurance company and several of their processes are being put into the software. User Stories are written that explain what needs to be done. Now, if the team has experience of insurance related projects, it is far more likely that they will be much quicker at understanding things. If, on the other hand, the team has experience in a health area and no experience in insurance, they will not be able to quickly understand the domain information contained in the User Stories (the business logic) and the Product Owner will have to spend much more time explaining items to the team, answering queries during the Planning process as well as during the course of actual coding.
Similarly, when a project is about a simple login interface and its business logic, it is far more easy to understand and the Product Owner will have to spend less time; however, if the project is complex, then the amount of time that needs to be spent by the Product Owner in design, writing of User Stories, and the explanation of these to the team will take much more time of the Product Owner.

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