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Scrum – When the Product Owner finds it difficult to attend the meetings (Sprint Planning, Retrospective, Demo, and Daily Scrum)

This subject is probably one of the most debated and disputed topics in the entire discussion about Scrum. How many meetings should the Product Owner attend ? If you look at Scrum, there are these set of meetings: – Sprint Planning: In this meeting (or rather, extended meeting), the Product Owner explains the various User […]

The Product Owner as the liason between the Product Management and the Engineering team (contd..)

In the previous article (Product Owner as liaison between Scrum team and Product Management), we discussed the concept of having a Product Owner who works closely with the Scrum team, is co-located with the Scrum team; this gives the Product Manager much more time to work with actual customers, with industry, and learn more about […]

The Product Owner as the liasion between the Product Management and the Engineering team

The role of the Product Owner is one of the most complex roles in the concept of Scrum. As opposed to the earlier role of the Product Management in a waterfall (or non-Scrum and non-Agile) who would deliver the requirements and provide inputs to the team once in a while, the amount of interfacing with […]

Scrum problem – when there are multiple Product Owners for the project, and they do not coordinate well

The problem that I am describing in this post does not happen for a large number of projects, where you have teams of around 5 – 10 people, with one Scrum team, and one Product Owner. In teams of this size, everything is self-contained and the team does not have any dependencies that cannot be […]