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Scrum – Having to make crucial product decisions, and yet not aware of the overall design of the product

This is a Scrum story that does not have any easy solutions, and yet we faced these many times. It could be because our working of the Scrum process was imperfect, or could be because of the way that the relationships between the Scrum team and the Product Owner were setup. So, if any of […]

Scrum – What can happen when your Product Owner is a big picture guy and really does not get into details

If your Scrum team is in such a situation, you are in fairly big trouble. We had a case come to us from another organization where the Scrum team was in deep trouble and was starting to raise a number of issues – over their first few Sprints, it was found that the team was […]

Scrum – What are some of the important attributes of a successful Product Owner (contd..)

In the previous post on this topic (attributes of a successful Product Owner), I tried to list some down some of the properties that a successful Scrum Product Owner should have. In this post, I will continue on this line and try to put down some more properties that a Scrum Product Owner should have. […]

Scrum – What are some of the important attributes of a successful Product Owner

When teams (or organizations) implement Scrum for the first time (or for the first few times), the changes required for Scrum involve some amount of re-thinking of their roles and responsibilities from the various stakeholders. Training can be conducted, but training can only do so much. Training can be an important pre-requisite for success, but […]