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Scrum – When the Product Owner finds it difficult to attend the meetings (Sprint Planning, Retrospective, Demo, and Daily Scrum) (contd..)

In the previous post, I had written about the Product Owner, and the meetings that are expected for this role (Product Owner and Scrum Meetings – Part 1). We talked about the Sprint Planning Meeting, the Sprint Retrospective, and the Sprint Demo; it seems quite clear that you need the Product Owner to attend these meetings.
Now what about the most important regular meeting that happens for the Scrum team – this is the Daily Scrum; it is in the Daily Scrum that the team members review what they have done in the previous day, talk about what they will do for the next day, and also bring up any issues that they may be having which could cause them impediments. In order to ensure that this meeting is a short specific meeting, people are not allowed to use this meeting as a place where issues are resolved (that is reserved for follow up meetings). Similarly, the meeting allows only the primary stakeholders (the team members) to talk and discuss with each others. However, other stakeholders such as the Project Managers, Managers, etc don’t speak in this meeting.
One of the most controversial and conflict inducing discussions is about whether the Product Owner should attend the Daily Scrum; there is a lot of conflicting literature about this subject, and when I spoke to more ScrumMasters, they were not sure either – most of them had left it to the discretion of their Product Owners (some of who did not attend because of geographical distances, or some pressure on the Product Owner with regard to more customer interactions).
The Daily Scrum meeting is a good place to know what is happening with the project, and because of that, many stakeholders attend the meeting. In addition, since the Daily Scrum provides the path about what features are being built in, their design and their current state of progress, their is a point to be made about how getting the Product Owner to attend will ensure that the team is never deviating very far from what the Product Owner was envisaging as the final product. In addition, since the Product Owner is part of the Scrum team, getting him / her to attend on a regular basis ensures that the team sees the Daily Scrum as a beneficial regular meeting.
However, there are some issues with having the Product Owner attend the Daily Scrum. It can very easily lead to micro-management by the Product Owner who starts driving and making changes in the meeting (which is a distraction for the team members and for the Scrum Master); it also prevents the team from being the quick reacting and self-organizing team. Further, the Product Owner has also to spend time with the customer base and with the industry, and this requires time (and attending a Daily Scrum meeting can reduce some of the available time). It requires that the Product Owner have a high degree of awareness of when to step in, and when to let the team go ahead with their own processes.

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