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Scrum – Having to make crucial product decisions, and yet not aware of the overall design of the product

This is a Scrum story that does not have any easy solutions, and yet we faced these many times. It could be because our working of the Scrum process was imperfect, or could be because of the way that the relationships between the Scrum team and the Product Owner were setup. So, if any of you readers have any comment on what we could do to improve things, do let us know.
The story is around designing a complex product in Scrum. The product has various modules, various dialogs, several workflows, some of them inter-dependent, and others that feed into each other. For such a product, the design complexity in terms of architecture was fairly complicated, and we needed to get a good architect in place to work through the various components. As a result, it was necessary that a certain logic in terms of which component got created at what stage was required, and in a conventional workflow, we would have insisted on getting this design workflow as part of the items that needed to be done.
In the Scrum based system, we had to depend on User Stories written by the Product Owner, and as a result, it was a challenge to get the Product Owner to understand the User Story in the form of a design relationship, as well as the sequence in which these design stories were made and the necessity of getting them. Our Product Owner was a very confident person, and it was difficult sometimes to get the Product Owner to understand that an entire Sprint was to be spent in design steps, and there would not be something that would be delivered in the form of User facing features at the end of the Sprint.
Sometimes the discussion would get very difficult indeed, and it was beyond the power of the Scrum team to convince the Scrum team, and we would need to get more stakeholders involved; but the sponsor of the project was fine since he felt that having such a Product Owner would be like a check on the engineering team, and ensure that only those elements of design was done which were necessary. This was however pretty frustrating for the Scrum team.

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