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How to report progress every morning in the Daily Scrum Meeting – revolt of developers

One of the biggest problems that we could see in the Daily Scrum meeting was in terms of getting the more ‘eccentric’ developers to accept such a system. Every other team has such developers – they are highly eccentric and very skilled, but you cannot pin them down to so many hours of work per […]

Scrum problems when the Product Owner is over-extended

As part of the effort to ensure that we get a good coverage of scrum problems, we do frequent interactions of Scrum Masters across a few different organizations and teams. One of the issues that seem to give us a huge amount of problems is the case when the Scrum Master is over-extended and is […]

Need to get a coach to take your team through its intial Scrum training – expensive but worth it

In so many posts in the past, I have pointed out how a team that is implementing Scrum for the first time runs into many issues that are not clear to them, and due to inaccurate understanding or some misplaced beliefs, the team can run into many issues that can cause problems in their Scrum […]

Trying to get the Scrum Master to solve issues that are a lot deeper in a superficial way

We were trading stories among many Scrum Masters when we came across this story from one of them that seemed to be an area that seemed likely to cause problems in teams that have newly moved to Scrum. The issue related to a case where a team recently moved over to using Scrum and were […]