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Need to get a coach to take your team through its intial Scrum training – expensive but worth it

In so many posts in the past, I have pointed out how a team that is implementing Scrum for the first time runs into many issues that are not clear to them, and due to inaccurate understanding or some misplaced beliefs, the team can run into many issues that can cause problems in their Scrum implementation. This is especially true when there is already some amount of problems due to a tight schedule, or when their Product Manager is located in a different geographic zone.
Consider the following so many cases:
– The team implements Scrum for the first time. There can be numerous problems that can happen during this approach. Even when the team has got a training that tells them about Scrum and their roles, it can be sometimes difficult for the team members to understand what their new roles and responsibilities are; they are so used to getting directions from their leads or managers that they consider the prospect of being able to estimate a task (which many of them may have never done so in the past), or being able to determine which task they want to decide on doing, etc, as confusing. They look to others to tell them what to do.
– The managers and leads of the team. They are used to leading the team, being able to tell the various team members what to do and so on, that when the Scrum team is formed, in many cases, they are unsure about what their new role is. So, when there are the Daily Scrum meetings, the leads are no longer involved in all the deliberations, and they can be told to limit their role in such meetings if they speak a lot in such meetings. This can confuse them, especially when they themselves need to act as coaches to the team, and it is imperative that they get some advice from an expert during such times.
– Scrum Master. Unless you have an experienced Scrum Masters, a number of them treat the Daily Scrum Meetings as a status meeting, and start running it as they would run a status meeting. However, this can be problematic since this is not proper purpose of the Daily Scrum Meeting.
In all such cases, a coach can be very useful in terms of running things in a proper way, and giving the required advice to all the various stakeholders about how to run things.

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